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KOSO HAMMEL DAHL is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality control valves, actuators, and accessories for the automation market. Formed through the integration of the HAMMEL DAHL brand and the advanced technology of its parent company, Nihon KOSO, the company represents years of experience serving both general and specialty applications in various industries, including chemical, power generation, industrial gas, oil and gas, metals and minerals, as well as pulp and paper.

Solving difficult applications and helping customers improve their process since 1948

Industrial Applications


The G100 Series products are designed specifically with grueling conditions in mind. Bodies are available in most castable alloys, while trims can be provided in an even wider variety of materials.

Power Generation

Our VeCTor™ Velocity Control Trim is time proven & has provided the power industry with final control solutions on applications ranging from boiler feedwater recirculation & bypass to steam turbine bypass.

Industrial Gas

Our products were perfected specifically to meet industrial gas needs. Our experience led to the application of the G100 Series products in other areas & technologies.

Oil and Gas

Our products are uniquely designed to handle high-pressure encountered on compressor and booster pump stations. We have valve designs and years of experience serving cryogenic applications as low as -480ºF, which can be applied to handle compressed liquefied natural gas (LNG) services and other extremely low temperature fluid processes.

Metal and Minerals

The Series V701 has been successfully applied for decades in the metals and minerals industry. Designed to handle difficult services involving erosive fluids and slurries.

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry demands reliable control valves that can continuously handle corrosive and erosive liquids and abrasive slurries flowing under high pressure and high temperatures.