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Series V701 Venturi Seat Angle Valves

The Series V701 is a single-seated, post-guided angle valve with a flange-retained outlet Venturi seat ring. Designed to handle difficult services involving erosive fluids and slurries, this expanded body and Venturi seat ring construction minimizes erosion in even the toughest applications.


  • Expanded inlet and body reduces fluid velocity by 50% as the fluid turns to enter the valve port
  • Substantially decreases the erosive effects of turbulence and impingement
  • Large-diameter stem handles high seating forces
  • Heavy-duty guiding designed to take full pressure drop without stem vibration or breakage
  • Extra heavy construction exceeds ANSI standards
  • Venturi seat expansion reduces exit velocity; retained by outlet flange for ease of replacement
  • “Spring-out” action of the seat ring provides tight shut-off, eliminating wire drawing

Series V701 Venturi Seat Angle Valves

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