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KOSO HAMMEL DAHL control valves support a broad range of applications through a wide selection of standard and optional features, such as flow characteristics, ease of maintenance, noise attenuation, and cavitation abatement designs.

We offer various categories of solutions, including general service, severe service, and cryogenic control valves. Most bodies and/or trims are available in special alloys, such as Monel®, Hastalloy® C, and Alloy 20, for demanding corrosive applications/installations.

For modifications or special requirements not listed in our bulletins, please consult your authorized KOSO HAMMEL DAHL representative or email our applications engineers. We more than likely can and have done it before.

General Service Control

Our standard offering includes several styles of globe and angle valves. The G110 Series provides cage-guided valves through 16” and ANSI Class 600. For higher pressure ratings, we offer the V510 and V520 valves for coverage through ANSI Class 2500. The G120 with threaded-in seat ring and the G130 with “quick change” trim are well suited for services requiring top-guided trims. And for larger dirty services, our V800 Series delivers rugged top and bottom guiding.

Cryogenic Service Control Valves

At KOSO HAMMEL DAHL, we have a long reputation for designing and supplying premier Control Valves for use in cold box and other cryogenic services. In addition to the V817, the G120 and G130 Series valves are used throughout cryogenic plants outside of the cold box.

Actuators & Accessories

At KOSO HAMMEL DAHL, we have designed rugged and reliable spring-diaphragm pneumatic actuators that convert energy formed by compressed air at high pressure into linear motion. Direct-acting and reverse-acting type actuators are available depending on application needs. Piston actuators are also available for valves requiring longer travel and higher thrusts, as are electric, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic actuators.